Get specialized dog grooming services by All sorts Doggie Day Care Townsville. Our specialists manage dog exercise programs under strict supervision
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Dog Training Townsville

Allsorts Doggie Day Care specalises in, and offers In-Home Dog Training/Dog Behaviour Consultancies.

Our dog training model uses our effective Balanced Training approach and you should see Results within 7 days.

Our Goal

Our goal at Allsorts is to improve the relationship between you and your dog. We specialise in one-on-one dog training in the privacy of your own home. We can help you put a stop to your dog’s bad behaviour, barking, digging, jumping or just about any other problem you may have. Perhaps your dog is well behaved at home but once outside the front gate they are next to impossible to walk – we can make walking your dog a breeze!

Dog Behavioural Problems

Behavioural problems are things such as excessive barking, digging in the back yard, aggression towards other dogs or the owner. These can become major problems if not addressed in the early stages.

At Allsorts Pet Hub we can assist you with more serious problems with in home consultations. Many dogs and owners experience these problems so please don’t think you’re the only one!

We specialise in practical solutions that address the cause of the behavioural problems as well as the symptoms. It’s never too late to start training- for you or your dog! Working within your home helps to minimise the stress and maximise learning, allowing us to accurately assess the issue.

Meet the Head Trainer

Head Trainer Daniel Rose has experience training dogs of all breed types and temperaments.

Daniel has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with the National Dog Trainer Federation, works as a Security Dog Handler and has been involvemed with a range of dog training organisations. In addition to this Daniel has operated as an Obedience Class Trainer for a number of Melbourne based clubs.

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Experienced Trainer with over 8 years conducting our Puppy School.
Give your Puppy the BEST Start to life!

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