Get specialized dog grooming services by All sorts Doggie Day Care Townsville. Our specialists manage dog exercise programs under strict supervision
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Doggie Daycare

Daycare dogs here at Allsorts Pet Hub Townsville enjoy activities, exercise programs, supervised play sessions and of course, plenty of love and attention from dedicated and experienced daycare attendants.

addc-icons-white-05Family Discounts

Multiple dogs from same household
$31 per dog/day
$30 per dog/day (3+ visits p/week)


addc-icons-white-05Daycare Full Day

$33 per day 
$31 per day (3+ visits p/week)
Casuals & Travellers
$35 per day
$65 per day (2 dogs)

addc-icons-white-05Daycare Half day
(up to 5 hours)

$25 regular visits
$27 casual visits

Bookings Are Required (both reoccurring & casual).

Doggie Daycare is perfect for busy breeds that have excess energy to burn, puppies that are ready to learn some socialisation skills, dogs that have separation issues and need a place to feel comfortable while their parents go to work and just about any dog who deserves a fun, adventure filled day out surrounded by like-minded, happy, wagging pooches!

All of our new attendee’s are required to undergo a half day trial day where we can access their temperament in a dog daycare environment – we want only the best experience for your dog and want to ensure your dog is going to be comfortable and relaxed in such a unique environment. Aswell as get along with our current furkids to ensure the best day for everyone!

Allsorts Pet Hub have limited availability. However, we do have a cancellation list that operates for full capacity days.

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