Get specialized dog grooming services by All sorts Doggie Day Care Townsville. Our specialists manage dog exercise programs under strict supervision
18 Reardon Street

Allsorts Doggie Daycare & Grooming

Allsorts Pet Hub is Townsville’s original Doggie Daycare Centre. The center manages dog activities, exercise programs, Dog Grooming & Dog Washes, and of course, plenty of love and attention throughout every weekday.

  • Allsorts is ideal for dog owners who understand that their dog requires socialisation, exercise and activities to break up their week, just like us!
  • Whether your doggy is a high energy, playful (destructive) pup, a senior citizen who enjoys the affection and attention of humans, or anywhere in between,
  • At Allsorts Doggy Daycare dogs really do LOVE it.  We offer a positive and happy environment for your dog to spend their day whilst you are at work.
  • Our exceptional level of care and customer service for both our two legged and four legged clients is a reputation we are extremely proud of.
  • It is our guarantee that your dog will be loved and cared for at Allsorts as they would be at home.
  • Allsorts is owned and run by Kahlia and Trent Strid who took ownership of the business in August 2018.
Trent and dogs
Some dogs don’t like alone time and need the company of other dogs. In doggie daycare, your dog gets all the attention and playtime with other dogs that he/she needs.

– Win News Townsville, highlighted Allsorts Doggy Day Care in this news story.

The center features a fantastic outdoor playground and caters for up to 35 dogs a day with separate areas for your large, medium and small four legged friends.

Our Dog Grooming is also available each weekday and if your time is tight, you can use our daycare facility to drop your pet off before work and pick them up at the end of the day all spoilt and ready for some cuddles.

Allsorts Doggie Daycare is a well respected and well-loved company with a solid 8-year history and a reputation of high quality customer service coupled with an extremely loyal clientele base.