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Q:  What is your dog’s name and breed?

A:  Bella and Benny: miniature dachshunds from the same litter.

Q:  How old is your Dog?

A:  Almost 10.

Q:  How long have you and your dog been a pack member at Allsorts?

A: Bella and Benny have been going Allsorts since beginning of 2009. They have seen a few faces come and go and have enjoyed the company of Debbie Coleman, Trish and Zac and now Dan and his crew.

Q:  What day of the week does your dog attend Allsorts?

A:  Tummy pats and cuddles days are Tuesday and Fridays.

Q: What is your dogs favourite thing to do on the weekends?

A:  Weekends are for baths, chasing lizards, helping with the gardening and sleeping.

Q: What is your dogs favourite food or treat?

A:  They are partial to tit bits of watermelon, peaches and mini capsicums.

Q: Does your dog have any other pack members at home e.g. dogs, cats, chickens?

A:  No, just Bella and Benny and the human family.

Q:  What is the funniest thing your dog has got up too?

A:  Not allowed to ‘do stairs’ Benny can sometimes open the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and while they stealthily sneak upstairs, they give themselves away by scampering up and down the corridor playing chasey, and then they are too scared to come down the stairs so Benny gives one bark to let us know it is time to be carried downstairs.

Q: Would you like to add anything else about your dog?

A: Mini dachshunds are big dogs in a small dogs’ body.  They have big personalities, big barks but are loyal, family friendly and cuddly.

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